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Designer Diary- Savagely Beautiful Day at the MET with Alexander McQueen

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As previously blogged, the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art is hosting the work of Lee Alexander McQueen this summer with an exhibition, described by Johnathan Akeroyd (Cheif Executive Officer, Alexander McQueen) as celebratory of "McQueen's remarkable vision and creativity, showcasing his ingenious fashions as works of art". The exhibit will run for a limited time only, from May-Aug 7th, 2011, with selections primarily from the Alexander McQueen archive as well as from a few private collectors and friends of the late designer.

I was fortunate to personally view the collections this past weekend in New York. After a two hour wait in line (well worth the wait I might add with plenty to view in 19th Century European Art) the ora of the room changed to the careful lighting and musical selections of the McQueen exhibit (musical selections choreographed by British dancer/choreographer Michael Clark).  A bargain, only $25 dollars for admission and an additional $7 for the audio guide (highly recommend as it is profoundly informative), the exhibit was breathtaking from the first beautifully garmented bustform, which is red ostrich feather and colored microscope slides.  Agressively romantic, suggestively sexual, something inside of me literally changed as I felt the creative force behind each masterpiece. 

Captivated by the narration by Shalom Harlow, describing her runway experience being spraypainted by robots in McQueen's Spring/Summer '99 show; I couldn't help but overhear two women describe the piece as a maternity dress.  Angered that I had waited in line behind them and saddened by the thought that they were missing the beauty and creativity of McQueen's work (do not see this exhibit if you think this will be similar to buying off the rack at a department store) I allowed myself to fall even deeper into the art, the thought and the creative genius.  McQueen had stated "I never conformed to any sort of fashion ideal.  My idea was always to show reality".  I left this exhibit forever changed.  The death of Lee Alexander McQueen was a great loss to modern art as well as to fashion.  I strongly urge any and all who have the opportunity to take in this once in a lifetime exhibition, it is truly a masterpiece.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Confessions of a Glam Girl- Wear in the World? Net-A-Porter to the Rescue

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Confession- I excel in the sport of people watching.  Nine times out of ten I can tell you where someone is from based on their fashion alone.  If people watching was an Olympic event I would have not only A gold medal I would have ALL of the gold medals.  Why am I so good at this game? You will remember from past confessions that I am from small town Canada where dressing up for dinner means Lululemon sweats instead of WalMart sweats (Confessions of a Glam Girl- Give Up the Prada).  Difficult to stay chic at home without looking out of place- very. Difficult to travel or move to tres chic location with appropriate wardrobe (as to not look like a tourist in a fanny pack)- incredibly.  Coping mechanism of people and trend watching with a location friendly mad shopping spree upon arrival, well that was the solution, until now.  With the launch of not only can I put my people watching skills to rest I can also pre order appropriate attire to fit in anywhere in the world.  This is how it works:

1.  Log on to

2.  Observe interactive world map and side bar tool featuring number of users also online worldwide

3.  Follow rotating side bar of fashions being added to shopping carts and whish lists internationally

4.  Observe user locations when browsing side bar fashions

5.  Add your own fashions and instantly see your own location appear on the side bar with your choice

Stats show that 4 million women worldwide shop Net-A-Porter.  This new interactive tool connects all shoppers to one social platform. reported that Natalie Massenet, chairman and founder of Net-A-Porter, was inspired to create Net-A-Porter Live by the oversized screens in her own London office which profiled the same shopping trends.  Now available to the public it will be interesting to see how trends will be influenced.

Without a doubt I am a fan of this progressive new online interaction in shopping, however, it must be stated that this Glam Girl takes it pretty hard when I see fashionistas worldwide adding to the shopping cart while I am stuck on the wish list.  Perhaps a better confession would be to say that with the launch of Net-A-Porter Live my green eye has now evolved to an international monster. -xo

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Designer Diary: Congratulations to 2011 CFDA Award Winners

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The Council of Fashion Designers of America (not for profit trade association of America's foremost fashion and accesory designers) hosted its annual awards gala and red carpet last night, June 6th 2011, in Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center, New York, NY.

Lady Gaga was less than dressed to receive her award for Fashion Icon.  She cried on stage, then giggled as she explained 'I can't believe I'm allowed in here!'  (Image by Jamie McCarthy/Wire Image)

On the red (purple) carpet; Liv Tyler was breathtaking in Proenza Schouler.  Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough of Proenza Schouler were awarded Womenswear Designer of the Year. (Image by

Judith Light of Ugly Betty revealed to the press that she felt her character from the hit series should have its own spin off show.  She was dressed in Pamela Roland.  (Image by

Pleasantly, the International Award was received by British Designer, Phoebe Philo of Celine.  Looking as crisp as her latest collection, Philo poses above with her award. (Image via Twitpic)

Congratulations to all that were nominated.  The full list of award recipients is as follows:

Womenswear Designer of the Year
Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez of Proenza Schouler
Menswear Designer of the Year
Michael Bastian
Accessories Designer of the Year
Alexander Wang
Swarovski Award for Womenswear
Prabal Gurung
Swarovski Award for Menswear
Robert Geller
Swarovski Award for Accessories
Eddie Borgo
Geoffrey Beene Lifetime Achievement Award
Marc Jacobs
The Media Award
Hilary Alexander, The Telegraph
International Award
Phoebe Philo for CĂ©line
Fashion Icon Award
Lady Gaga
The Founders Award
Hal Rubenstein, In Style
Board of Directors’ Special Tribute
Arthur Elgort

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Confessions of a Glam Girl: Hockey is NOT as Important as a Glam Girls' Party

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I'll be the first to admit that I refuse to age quietly.  As any good Glam Girl would I attempt to do it gracefully while looking chic at the most fabulous party I can plan -Glam Girls plan their own parties because quite honestly no one else would get it right.  Preparations for this year started VERY early because this year is a VERY big birthday -I'm 30 and don't care to admit it because I adore the look of shock that comes from sharing that information. 

With planning in place I extended one VERY special personal invitation.  I get that my weekend of luxury hotels, spas, hair and makeup applications, followed by a night of fine dining and trendy lounges doesn't appeal to everyone -why I haven't quite figured out yet. But it is my party and I have definetly been subjected to my share of testosterone pit parties and bachelor pad antics on behalf of this friend to warrant a weekend all about me -both types of boy parties are Canadian Fashion Girl hazards, Glam Girls should beware. 

Everything was according to plan, then yesterday happened. The timeline to my tantrum is as follows: 1 month out -invitation extended, invitation seemed to be accepted. No tantrum required.  3 weeks out -invitation is sweetened by the prospect of two other events in the city at the same time however the focus was to remain on my Glam Girl party. No tantrum required.  2 weeks out -no travel booked however still planning.  Anxiety sets in but keep tantrum to myself.  1 week out -Me: 'so you're not coming are you' Friend: 'Hey sorry, dont know if that's going to work. Get a good deal on tickets'. Tantrum starts now.  As I see red I ask myself is this some kind of pathetic joke.  Not a single mention of my Glam Girl party, my very special birthday that I had invited my very dear friend of many many years to -absolutely no mention of my big day, the only reason I invited you to visit in the first place! It was as if amidst Canucks playoff fever my party and a promise to come had dissolved in the tears of the overpriced tickets and accomodations.  Just like that hockey playoffs had kicked my sweet little party to the curb.  Did you not get the memo that the hockey game was merely a BONUS to the weekend and clearly not a good excuse to back out. Not a single acknowledgement to my weekend of Glam. Heartbreaking.

So I say this, I understand that this Lord Stanley thing is a big deal, I really do.  However, in 6 days I could care less who wins Game Five, I'm having a Glam Girl party because I'm turning 30 and that's all that matters to me.  Today, I'm having a Glam Girl tantrum because Hockey is NOT as important as a Glam Girl's Birthday Party and on my day I do not intend to share centre stage with Lord Stanley, The Sedins, Burrows, or any other Orca, unless of course they can remember that it is my day and that I was kind enough to share the stage with them -unlike some who became distracted somewhere between San Jose and Tampa Bay and forgot that an invitation to Vancouver June 10th originally came in pink and sparkles NOT blue and green.

P.S. if you think this blog is about you, you're probably right. -xo

Designer Diary: Marc Jacobs to Receive CFDA Lifetime Achievement Award

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The Council of Fashion Designers of America has selected Marc Jacobs to receive the
2011 Geoffrey Beene Award for Lifetime Achievement. Previously honouredd with
the same award have been Michael Kors 2010, Anna Sui 2009, Carolina Herrera 2008,
Geoffrey Beene 1997 for whom the award has been named.

Awards will be received Monday June 6th, 2011 at Lincoln Centre, New York, NY. 
Director of the CFDA Sofia Coppola, who is a longtime friend and muse to Marc Jacobs
will present the award to the designer.

Following the release of Marc Jacobs in 1986, Jacobs became the youngest designer to
ever win a CFDA Perry Ellis Award for womenswear, menswear, and accessories.
In addition to fronting his own collection Jacobs continues to front french fashion house
Louis Vuitton. Jacobs is also nominated this year as best womenswear designer; other
nominees in this category are Alexander Wang and Lazaro Hernandez and Jack
McCollough together for Proenza Schouler.

Anderson Cooper will host the awards. Lady Gaga will be in attendance to receive a
CFDA Fashion Icon Award. Jessica Alba and Grace Coddington are scheduled to
present, Karolina Kurkova will handle all three Swarovski prizes.

When interviewed by the Associated Press Jacobs stated,
“I mean, I have a lot more to do. 'Achievement' sounds final.
I'd like to call it 'Lifetime of achievement and for what's left
to achieve.'”

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Confessions of a Glam Girl- Could I Order that Body with the Bathing Suit?

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To date this has been the coldest spring on record -or at least in my recent memory.
My fall/winter 2010/11 wardrobe has become past boring and may actually need to
be buried in my backyard alongside the tombstones of my deceased pets -however
impossible because spring has been so miserable that my family home and backyard
is actually flooded -honestly I'm not making that up.  I have complained for months
that it is high time to take the tags off of the spring/summer11 wear and get this
season started.  Through the complaints, I was secretly enjoying my pale skin, extra
binge weight and  the comfort of knowing that if I devoured just one more extra extra
large frostee from Wendy's I was safe because I would not need to wear a bathing
suit anywhere, anytime soon -and then my bubble burst.

Summer started yesterday with absolutely no preparation memo -rude.  Suddenly my
blackberry was filled with invitations to meet at the beach and the temperature was
too warm to show up hiding under leggings and sweaters.  Frantically I spent the day
hiking up and down the largest hill I could find working my muscles to the point of
absolute exhaustion. Being Gemini and incredibly organized I was sure to hike a hill
with a spray tan booth at the bottom so that I didnt waste anytime covering my pale
winter skin. With public enemy number one (fat skin) and public enemy number two
(white skin) under control the only task left was to stock up on the number one summer
staple -rad bikinni.

With shaking muscles and the orange of the spray tan still evident between my fingers
my search for the perfect summer suit began.  Browsing all of my favorite sites
(,, I realized that there had
to be an easier way to get summer ready. Stomping up and down a mountain and 
spraying orange paint on myself all of a sudden seemed like too much trouble
-couldnt I just order the body modelling the suit with the suit? I mean I can order
everything else, why not a new body too?

In conclusion of this confession I would simply like to summarize: Dear Bathing Suit
Distributers, Winter has been long this year and I am a very busy girl.  I would like to
purchase summer attire but only with a guarantee that I can have the models body too. 
Thank you, Me (Glam Gril)

Monday, 9 May 2011

'The Tale of a Fairy'

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Viewed in its entirety today by the media and friends of the iconic French fashion house,
'The Tale of a Fairy' will be released to those of us who did not receive an invitation to
this exclusive event at Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc at Cap d'Antibes tomorrow at 9pm GMT

Continuing his exploration of film, Karl Lagerfeld created 'The Tale of a Fairy', a 30 min
piece, to showcase the Chanel Cruise Collection 2011/12.  Lagerfeld describes the film as
"a movie about an ill-advised use of money which begins with violence and ends with
feeling".  Other works by Lagerfeld include 'Remeber Now' in 2010 as well as three short
films, recently released at the Tribeca Film Festival in April, featuring Rachel Bilson,
Lagerfeld himself, and Magnum Ice Cream.

'A Tale of a Fairy' stars; Anna Mouglalis, Amanda Harlech, Kristen McMenamy, Freja
Beha, Bianca Balti, Baptiste Giabiconi, Brad Koening, Jake Davies, Mark Vanderloo,
Oriol Elcacho, Sebastien Jondeau, Seth Kuhlmann and other friends of Chanel.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Designer Diary- Alexander McQueen (1969-2010)

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'Love looks not with the eye but with the mind', a quote from Shakespeare's A
Midsummer's Nights Dream and tattooed on the arm of the late Lee Alexander
McQueen. Perhaps a foretelling analogy in 'love looks' and the interpretation
of McQueen's art- the perfectly structured fashion, breathtaking couture and the
spectacles of his runways.

Lee Alexander McQueen, a British Fashion Designer and Couturier proclaimed
at a young age, while making dresses for his sisters, that he would become just
that. At 16 years of age he left school to pursue an apprenticeship on London's
famed Savile Row. McQueen became a master tailor, where his clients included
Prince Charles and Mikhail Gorbachev. He then joined theatrical costumiers
Angels and Bermans before travelling to Milan to work for Italian Fashion

Designer Romeo Gigli.


In 1994 McQueen pursued a position at Central St. Martins College of Art and
Design to work as a pattern cutter tutor. Instead, he was pursued to enrol in the
master's course as a student, he received his masters degree in fashion design.
McQueen's graduate collection, based on the film Taxi Driver was shown for the
 first time at the Ritz London. The collection was purchased in its entirety by
well known fashion stylist Isabella Blow.


McQueen succeeded John Galliano at Givenchy in 1996. He experienced little
success with his first couture collection actually telling Vogue in October 1997
that the collection was "crap". McQueen's designs at Givenchy were more
conservative than his independent work leaving a longing for rebellion;
Spring/Summer 1999 McQueen spray painted over the white cotton dress of
double amputee model Aimee Mullins as she made her way down the catwalk on
two carved wooden legs. McQueen's contract with Givenchy ended in March 2001.

However eccentric McQueen was accomplished; he was one of the youngest
designers to be recognized as 'British Designer of the Year'. He actually received
this honour four times between 1996 and 2003. He was awarded the CBE
(Commander of the Order of the British Empire) and named by the Council of
Fashion Designers in 2003, International Designer of the Year.


Under the labels Alexander McQueen and McQ, known for skull prints and
'bumsters'; by 2007 McQueen had boutiques in London, New York, Los Angeles,
Milan and Las Vegas. A plethora of celebrity patrons included Lady Gaga, Bjork,
 Rhianna, Sarah Jessica Parker, Nicole Kidman and Penelope Cruz. McQueen
created pieces of creativity that defied main stream fashion- going against the norm
made him a trend-setter.

Tragically on 11 February 2010 McQueen was found dead in his home. His
housekeeper found his body, hung, in his wardrobe with his favourite brown belt.
His mother had passed away nine days before from cancer, her funeral was to be
the very next day. Friends of the designer said that McQueen "was doing a lot of
drugs and was very unhappy". He had previously taken overdoses in May and
July of 2009. McQueen left a note simply saying "Look after my dogs, sorry,
I love you, Lee.”


On May 4th 2011 through to July 31st 2011 the Metropolitan Museum of Art's
Costume Institute will feature “Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty”. The curator
- Andrew Bolton described, to Vogue, McQueen's catwalks as “spectacles that
would leave you breathless, hovering on the edge of credulity, faintly repelled
and utterly enthralled.” The exhibition is arranged interpretively, not
chronologically. Galleries will include “The Savage Mind”, “Romantic Gothic”
and “Cabinet of Curiosities”


From madness came monumental art and through tragedy a deeper appreciation
 for his work. This Designer Diary is dedicated to Alexander McQueen- one of
the great artists of our time.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Good Girl Gone Bad

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Sunday, 10 April 2011

Confessions of a Glam Girl- Give Up the Prada

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Following my last confession I received an email from my mom filled with praise. Even though mom has a parental obligation to be my cheerleader this wasn't the case for the masses. Consider that I come from small town Canada and when friends were going off to college to become teachers and nurses (commendable careers but very much NOT for me) I wanted to pack up and move to California to shop and sell luxury consignment online. I guess you could say I chose to follow a road only walkable in this seasons latest Louboutins, which inevitably meant I passed by more than a few nay sayers. “Style is not affordable”, “Fashion is not a career”, I distinctly remember one voice even telling me to “Give up the Prada”- ummm hello I wasn't wearing Prada that day. Blah blah blah, if I had listened to everyone who told me I shouldn't do it I would still be there wishing I was here. I stopped for a minute to wonder why- why did my feet want to walk in studded ankle booties and not a comfortable mule or ballet flat? I was drawn back to her email;

'You always have been one to walk (jump, run, climb) where no one else was going, especially if you were told not to and once you are there you never fail to leave your mark one way or another! When I read your articles I can't help but think of the 7 year old with Christmas ornaments dangling from her ears at the Christmas concert because she wanted Xmas earrings and I didn't think that they were appropriate for a 7 yr old. I went out and bought you some the next day! I was so dumbfounded when you walked out on stage!!!!!!! But it was only preparation for what was to come a few years later when out you came to play your flute at the recital wearing a Santa hat, army boots, and a short skirt! You were also a style setter in grade two when I found out that you had gone off to school with one gelee shoe of one color and a matching sock and another gelee shoe and sock of a different color! You were starting your own trend apparently that day. The signs were all there I guess we should have all seen it coming...'

There it was, it was fate. I'll admit that I'm less than proud at some of my early attempts at styling. Although the gelee sandals- brilliant (hey Man Repeller, remember last week's neon shoe laces? Well I see your neon shoe laces and raise you two gellee sandals with contrasting colors worn with socks!). Regardless, the early disasters were mere predictors that I was not giving up the Prada and that telling me to do so would naturally make me want it more. Have I reached the destination on this road walked in spiky platform heels? -no. Am I comfortable on the journey and know I'm not turning back? -yes. This confession- more of a thank you- regardless of parental obligation someone knew better than to take the ornaments off of my ears or the combat boots (they were military issued I might add) off of my feet, and because of that I grew up with the courage and creativity to pick the road that required you walk only in very special shoes. -xo

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Beach Hats are MAJOR!

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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Confessions of a Glam Girl- The Social Media Darlings I Love

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A few years ago I realized I was obsessed with fashion. It may have started when my luggage was lost, never to return that I realized how much I really loved my clothes. Or it may have been when the insurance adjuster looking after the claim pointed out that she had NEVER seen such a detailed account of items, brands, color, original price, store purchased at and purchase date. Or it could have been when I started to take notice of retailers- the progressive ones that is; offering a culture in addition to an item. Regardless of the reason something captivated me and there was no turning back.

Culture is hard to explain to non fashion people. Culture is how you feel when you think of a brand. It's evident in the design and layout of the stores, the music being played, the design and content of the website, and through advertising- traditional as well as new media. Once I realized this culture existed I was done for- I had to know everything about this magical world where everyone was chic and polished. I will admit this was impossible, after all I'm a small town girl- from Canada. Designer fashion in my home town is putting on Lululemons instead of Walmart sweats to attend dinner at the local steakhouse (I'm not kidding- that really happens).

Enter the WWW world of explorer, twitter, facebook, youtube, well you get where I'm going with this. In any event the online world of social media became my connection to the real world. I fell in cyber love with everything glam. Along the way some fabulous fashion girls on the social media scene captured my heart- and hours of sleep (NYC Girls that's for you- its hard to keep up with you if I sleep later than 4am). Here's tribute to my social media darlings and why I love them:

@Moxsie (San Francisco based indie fashion shopping portal):
I first fell in love with Moxsie because of #Buyerchat. Followers have the opportunity to view online, new items that Moxsie buyers are considering. Followers are engaged by writing in and conversing with the Moxsie buyers on every item. If they love your comments they DM you Moxsie dollars (I redeemed mine for Kelsi Dagger pumps and then twitpic'd the delivered product back to Moxsie). Anyone that indulges my need to be buyer for a day has my heart.

@Bergdorfs (Bergdorf Goodman):
PR representative for Bergdorf Goodman has become my glamorous social media sister. She taught me (and thousands of others) how to do a perfect cat eye (you'd never believe where she tells you to put a line), how to properly clean my brushes, and that Shulwasoo gives you beautiful skin. #BGtutorial (@Bergdorfs) followers learn the latest beauty tricks, fashion trends, and a little bit about NYC.

Needs no introduction- captivating tweetress and queen of social media. Her bio states that she is the inside scoop on the behind the scene world of New York Fashion (will never be able to describe how useful that is to the Canadian Fashion Girl). At over 250,000 followers she has created a brand in herself. She sarcastically refers to her online status updates as 'her conscience' but ultimately does a fabulous job of engaging followers in fashion week, DKNY operations, events, award shows, and she renewed my love for Gossip Girl (#GG) and candy.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Block Party: Color Blocking in Spring/Summer 11

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Le Trend:

'Vibrant', 'patterned', 'flowing', 'free', 'tribal' and 'floral'. From the runways to the everyday spring summer 2011 is a 70's inspired cornucopiaaa of loose fits, shiny fabrics and color, color, and yes more color! The thing about so much color is that naturally you're going to want to wear it all- at once. That's right, this season you have permission to clash it! This season you will not dive to the back of your closet for those go to pieces of black, whites and nudes. You will shop, splurge and spree into a fabulous new collection of bright reds, fuchsia, purples, corals, navy and citrus. Le Trend? Blocking it all together to create the ultimate in glamourous color clashing!

Lets evaluate New York Fashion Week SS/11 designers Marc Jacobs and Diane Von Frustenberg; It is my opinion that Marc Jacobs has had a love affair with color since Louis Vuitton- everyone take a moment to recollect the limited edition graffiti collection, *Le sigh. Fast forward to present day and we are witness to a brilliant collection of glamourous, flowing pieces in a more mature palette of wine colors. My personal ready to wear favourite; Deep Red Drop Waist Ruffle Skirt dress blocked with Plum Purple oversized leather belt with consuming flower detail (also spotted on runway).
Buy it-

Diane Von Frustenberg collaborated with new lead designer Yvan Mispelaere (formerly of Gucci and Chloe) to show pops of color and clashes of tribal and geometric prints. A collection of citrus, chic fashion for the softer femme, wearable day to evening. The Reara Dress in coral candy blocked against currant was my favourite in this collection.

These designers were far from lonely on the runway, color blocking is major this season and easy to find. Tips for your BLOCK PARTY: 1. Minimal Accessories!!! You've already got enough going on! 2. Clashing is Good!!!! The worse it seems to look the better you're doing (think red and fuchsia) and 3. Lipstick and Nails are not going to match your outfit, stock up on reds and corals, trust, its already major! -xo

Monday, 21 March 2011

Le Trend: Ladies Who Brunch; the Evolution of the Ladies who Lunched

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Its no secret that modern women have made their claim in the professional markets. Perhaps it is lesser known that they carry their professional ambition and confidence from work into the fabulosity of their social scene as well as the super elite world of luxury fashion. As women, we have demanded equal rights, equal pay and the opportunity for higher and even ivy league education. If that wasn't enough you can bet that we'll demand of ourselves that we appear polished and chic all of the way to the top of the corporate ladder. Today's woman puts Wonder Woman, and her OTK boots to shame.

Does this fast paced world of ambition and style have room for the socialites and it girls of yesteryear? The ladies who spent their days indulging in leisurely lunching and hours of shopping? I believe that the well to do femmes de societe who once dominated the social scene and the front rows of fashion have suffered an invasion and succeeding domination courtesy of the career girl. Sure, the society girls didn't just disappear into their penthouses and BMW's. I 'm quite sure that in a fit of jealously some proclaimed “I want what she has” and marched off only to return with a masters degree and a career of her own. Regardless of where she came from the modern woman wants it all. Unfortunately there is just no time to take a three hour lunch amidst a fifty hour work week.

Where does all of this world domination leave us? Well, at the end of the day girls still want to have fun and although we may not have the time to 'lunch', as our predecessors did, we can always make time to induldge in a weekend 'brunch'. Internationally career girls have made the commitment to shake off the effects of last night's cocktail hour, dress fabulously, meet another fabulously dressed career girl and indulge in mimosas and eggs benedict until late afternoon. From New York to Paris, San Francisco to Vancouver the scene is the same. The career girl is the new 'it' girl. Professionally, socially, and fashionably. Its time to move over femme de societe and make room, the femme du monde is here to stay.....perhaps she'll even make time to meet for brunch.

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