Monday, 21 March 2011

Le Trend: Ladies Who Brunch; the Evolution of the Ladies who Lunched

Posted by Elisabeth Bass at 22:14
Its no secret that modern women have made their claim in the professional markets. Perhaps it is lesser known that they carry their professional ambition and confidence from work into the fabulosity of their social scene as well as the super elite world of luxury fashion. As women, we have demanded equal rights, equal pay and the opportunity for higher and even ivy league education. If that wasn't enough you can bet that we'll demand of ourselves that we appear polished and chic all of the way to the top of the corporate ladder. Today's woman puts Wonder Woman, and her OTK boots to shame.

Does this fast paced world of ambition and style have room for the socialites and it girls of yesteryear? The ladies who spent their days indulging in leisurely lunching and hours of shopping? I believe that the well to do femmes de societe who once dominated the social scene and the front rows of fashion have suffered an invasion and succeeding domination courtesy of the career girl. Sure, the society girls didn't just disappear into their penthouses and BMW's. I 'm quite sure that in a fit of jealously some proclaimed “I want what she has” and marched off only to return with a masters degree and a career of her own. Regardless of where she came from the modern woman wants it all. Unfortunately there is just no time to take a three hour lunch amidst a fifty hour work week.

Where does all of this world domination leave us? Well, at the end of the day girls still want to have fun and although we may not have the time to 'lunch', as our predecessors did, we can always make time to induldge in a weekend 'brunch'. Internationally career girls have made the commitment to shake off the effects of last night's cocktail hour, dress fabulously, meet another fabulously dressed career girl and indulge in mimosas and eggs benedict until late afternoon. From New York to Paris, San Francisco to Vancouver the scene is the same. The career girl is the new 'it' girl. Professionally, socially, and fashionably. Its time to move over femme de societe and make room, the femme du monde is here to stay.....perhaps she'll even make time to meet for brunch.


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