Saturday, 4 June 2011

Confessions of a Glam Girl: Hockey is NOT as Important as a Glam Girls' Party

Posted by Elisabeth Bass at 10:57
I'll be the first to admit that I refuse to age quietly.  As any good Glam Girl would I attempt to do it gracefully while looking chic at the most fabulous party I can plan -Glam Girls plan their own parties because quite honestly no one else would get it right.  Preparations for this year started VERY early because this year is a VERY big birthday -I'm 30 and don't care to admit it because I adore the look of shock that comes from sharing that information. 

With planning in place I extended one VERY special personal invitation.  I get that my weekend of luxury hotels, spas, hair and makeup applications, followed by a night of fine dining and trendy lounges doesn't appeal to everyone -why I haven't quite figured out yet. But it is my party and I have definetly been subjected to my share of testosterone pit parties and bachelor pad antics on behalf of this friend to warrant a weekend all about me -both types of boy parties are Canadian Fashion Girl hazards, Glam Girls should beware. 

Everything was according to plan, then yesterday happened. The timeline to my tantrum is as follows: 1 month out -invitation extended, invitation seemed to be accepted. No tantrum required.  3 weeks out -invitation is sweetened by the prospect of two other events in the city at the same time however the focus was to remain on my Glam Girl party. No tantrum required.  2 weeks out -no travel booked however still planning.  Anxiety sets in but keep tantrum to myself.  1 week out -Me: 'so you're not coming are you' Friend: 'Hey sorry, dont know if that's going to work. Get a good deal on tickets'. Tantrum starts now.  As I see red I ask myself is this some kind of pathetic joke.  Not a single mention of my Glam Girl party, my very special birthday that I had invited my very dear friend of many many years to -absolutely no mention of my big day, the only reason I invited you to visit in the first place! It was as if amidst Canucks playoff fever my party and a promise to come had dissolved in the tears of the overpriced tickets and accomodations.  Just like that hockey playoffs had kicked my sweet little party to the curb.  Did you not get the memo that the hockey game was merely a BONUS to the weekend and clearly not a good excuse to back out. Not a single acknowledgement to my weekend of Glam. Heartbreaking.

So I say this, I understand that this Lord Stanley thing is a big deal, I really do.  However, in 6 days I could care less who wins Game Five, I'm having a Glam Girl party because I'm turning 30 and that's all that matters to me.  Today, I'm having a Glam Girl tantrum because Hockey is NOT as important as a Glam Girl's Birthday Party and on my day I do not intend to share centre stage with Lord Stanley, The Sedins, Burrows, or any other Orca, unless of course they can remember that it is my day and that I was kind enough to share the stage with them -unlike some who became distracted somewhere between San Jose and Tampa Bay and forgot that an invitation to Vancouver June 10th originally came in pink and sparkles NOT blue and green.

P.S. if you think this blog is about you, you're probably right. -xo


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