Thursday, 16 June 2011

Confessions of a Glam Girl- Wear in the World? Net-A-Porter to the Rescue

Posted by Elisabeth Bass at 16:44

Confession- I excel in the sport of people watching.  Nine times out of ten I can tell you where someone is from based on their fashion alone.  If people watching was an Olympic event I would have not only A gold medal I would have ALL of the gold medals.  Why am I so good at this game? You will remember from past confessions that I am from small town Canada where dressing up for dinner means Lululemon sweats instead of WalMart sweats (Confessions of a Glam Girl- Give Up the Prada).  Difficult to stay chic at home without looking out of place- very. Difficult to travel or move to tres chic location with appropriate wardrobe (as to not look like a tourist in a fanny pack)- incredibly.  Coping mechanism of people and trend watching with a location friendly mad shopping spree upon arrival, well that was the solution, until now.  With the launch of not only can I put my people watching skills to rest I can also pre order appropriate attire to fit in anywhere in the world.  This is how it works:

1.  Log on to

2.  Observe interactive world map and side bar tool featuring number of users also online worldwide

3.  Follow rotating side bar of fashions being added to shopping carts and whish lists internationally

4.  Observe user locations when browsing side bar fashions

5.  Add your own fashions and instantly see your own location appear on the side bar with your choice

Stats show that 4 million women worldwide shop Net-A-Porter.  This new interactive tool connects all shoppers to one social platform. reported that Natalie Massenet, chairman and founder of Net-A-Porter, was inspired to create Net-A-Porter Live by the oversized screens in her own London office which profiled the same shopping trends.  Now available to the public it will be interesting to see how trends will be influenced.

Without a doubt I am a fan of this progressive new online interaction in shopping, however, it must be stated that this Glam Girl takes it pretty hard when I see fashionistas worldwide adding to the shopping cart while I am stuck on the wish list.  Perhaps a better confession would be to say that with the launch of Net-A-Porter Live my green eye has now evolved to an international monster. -xo


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