Sunday, 10 April 2011

Confessions of a Glam Girl- Give Up the Prada

Posted by Elisabeth Bass at 21:45
Following my last confession I received an email from my mom filled with praise. Even though mom has a parental obligation to be my cheerleader this wasn't the case for the masses. Consider that I come from small town Canada and when friends were going off to college to become teachers and nurses (commendable careers but very much NOT for me) I wanted to pack up and move to California to shop and sell luxury consignment online. I guess you could say I chose to follow a road only walkable in this seasons latest Louboutins, which inevitably meant I passed by more than a few nay sayers. “Style is not affordable”, “Fashion is not a career”, I distinctly remember one voice even telling me to “Give up the Prada”- ummm hello I wasn't wearing Prada that day. Blah blah blah, if I had listened to everyone who told me I shouldn't do it I would still be there wishing I was here. I stopped for a minute to wonder why- why did my feet want to walk in studded ankle booties and not a comfortable mule or ballet flat? I was drawn back to her email;

'You always have been one to walk (jump, run, climb) where no one else was going, especially if you were told not to and once you are there you never fail to leave your mark one way or another! When I read your articles I can't help but think of the 7 year old with Christmas ornaments dangling from her ears at the Christmas concert because she wanted Xmas earrings and I didn't think that they were appropriate for a 7 yr old. I went out and bought you some the next day! I was so dumbfounded when you walked out on stage!!!!!!! But it was only preparation for what was to come a few years later when out you came to play your flute at the recital wearing a Santa hat, army boots, and a short skirt! You were also a style setter in grade two when I found out that you had gone off to school with one gelee shoe of one color and a matching sock and another gelee shoe and sock of a different color! You were starting your own trend apparently that day. The signs were all there I guess we should have all seen it coming...'

There it was, it was fate. I'll admit that I'm less than proud at some of my early attempts at styling. Although the gelee sandals- brilliant (hey Man Repeller, remember last week's neon shoe laces? Well I see your neon shoe laces and raise you two gellee sandals with contrasting colors worn with socks!). Regardless, the early disasters were mere predictors that I was not giving up the Prada and that telling me to do so would naturally make me want it more. Have I reached the destination on this road walked in spiky platform heels? -no. Am I comfortable on the journey and know I'm not turning back? -yes. This confession- more of a thank you- regardless of parental obligation someone knew better than to take the ornaments off of my ears or the combat boots (they were military issued I might add) off of my feet, and because of that I grew up with the courage and creativity to pick the road that required you walk only in very special shoes. -xo


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