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Confessions of a Glam Girl- The Black Swan Event

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As if life wasn't tough enough, how is it possible that as soon as everything seems to be together in an instant it all becomes uncertain? Equate this to working your way through your closet and masterpiecing the most amazing Friday night ensemble only to discover that the heels you thought were perfect actually made the whole thing look like trash- in real life language, you get everything together just to see it fall apart. Why does this always happen? Is it for the best, you couldn't possibly think so? Finally, is it inevitable that just when you think you have a 'Grand Master Plan' something epic will happen to set in motion a series of events meant to change your entire life. Is this meant to be, was that perfect outfit (clearly I'm speaking metaphorically), really trash all along? There's only one way to explain such an event, its a Black Swan.

I am not talking about the movie or the ballet (although I do dance in black ballet slippers), I'm referring to a phenomenon that can only be compared to the slightness of coming across a Black Swan. Its not dark or evil, its just something rare and life changing. By the time you've seen it you've already weathered the storm, anything evil has most likely already passed.

The Black Swan is unknown, a complete surprise, and by definition its justified in hindsight. The sneaky little Swan gets a blog post because I fell victim to its plan smashing, life altering effects, in much more than a 'my Friday night outfit is ruined' kind of a way.

It started on a flight, interesting that I'm writing this on yet another flight; I set off to visit a friend, the friendship had been diminishing rapidly over the course of a few rocky years and a getaway was significant to me as a way to renew some of the original fun we had, kind of like buying vintage and giving an old look some new love. I crossed the continent without realizing that this trip was going to be the last of its kind. 24 hours after my return my Black Swan arrived, although I didn't quite know it yet, and a series of events were set in motion completely throwing my perfectly packaged plan right off of its course.

What was supposed to be an opportunity to blow off steam only created an appetite for socialization that lead me to accept an invitation I would have likely refused under earlier circumstances. As the evening progressed I found myself faced with an opponent I could not hide from. I led myself to believe that it was the nostalgic of my vacation that had let me get carried away. Then when conversations became so very engaging and inviting, I blamed common interest. Its so easy to make every excuse in the book when you're not ready, prepared, expecting, or welcoming of a Black Swan. I had a plan, and it had been perfect, all I had to do was follow it. Compared to a runway show, if I just let all of the pieces walk the stage in their particular order the season would present impeccably and the show would wrap up with me taking a bow to a sea of adoring fans, it was that easy. Problem was, the 'Swan' had exposed a flaw, a weakness that could not be ignored. Now exposed, there was just no way that the show could go on.

Convincing me that my 'season' needed to go back to the drawing board was not easy, but fighting the Black Swan was futile, eventually I realized that I needed to trust what was happening and let it play its course. Its hard to style anything when the typical rules don't apply and nothing makes sense. When you stop fighting it you realize just how wrong those 'stripper heels' were, and how right fate was, even if you cannot make sense of the process.

So here's the truth of my realization, nothing is without its consequences. The turbulence in the air is the natural hurdle of flying from point a to point b, my plan had hit its bumps as well, changing course was imminent. So many things were unsaid, and I had an overwhelming sense of irresponsibility for deviating from my plan, what was most disturbing to me though was that I did not care, and I'm quite sure I could not have changed it even if I had tried.

Every once in awhile lightning strikes and the result is someone who makes you forget about everyone else. It should be crystal clear that I'm not talking about clothes anymore, but just like those perfect Louboutins that you cannot live without, inevitably purchased on your credit card, only to suffer the consequences later, well its like the Black Swan, its a one in a million, you have to do it. That's the thing, like the price that comes with the Louboutins, its not logical, its love.


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